Tempura Stick

Popular street food in Taiwan. Made by blended fish mixed with flour and spices to make various shapes, cooked in deep-fried, then boiled in broth. 
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3 kg/bag*4 bags/ctn


Ingredients: Fish Paste, Thickener [E1412], Soybean Protein, Sugar, Salt, Flavour Enhancer [E621, E364(ii), E627, E631, E639, E640], Salt, Xylose, Wheat Fibre, Spices
Net weight: 3000 g/bag
Product from Taiwan 
Keep frozen at -18°C or lower 
Serving Instruction: Deep-fried for approximately 3 minutes at 180°C temperature until golden brown. 
Allergen information: This product manufacturing line, its equipment or production line has processed crustaceans, shrimps, eggs, fish, cephalopods and shellfish, nuts, seeds, soybean and their product. 
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