Spring Onions Pancake

One of those traditional Chinese dishes that will please a crowd. They are pan fried so that they get nice and crispy on the outside. Any of your favorite pie fillings, both sweet and savory, are wonderful.
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100 g/pc * 10 pcs/bag * 10 bags/ctn


Ingredient: Wheat Flour, Water, Lard, Soybean Oil, Refined Palm Oil, Green Onion, Salt, Sugar, White Pepper, Sesame, Xylanase, Flavour Enhancer [621], Raising Agents ([E500ii), Acidity Regulator [E330], Stabilizer [E170i], [E339, E336]
Net weight: 1000 g/bag
Product from Taiwan
Keep frozen at -18°C or lower 
Serving Instruction: Without thawing, pan-fry until both surfaces of Onion Pancake become brown and ready to serve. Add any toppings if you like.
Allergen information: This product contains soybean and their products.  

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